New Adventures

003 The Trap - A well-known local politician is found unconscious next to a dead prostitute. For Inspector McGrath, the case seems to be solved. But after some inconsistencies appear, the Black Bat decides to investigate further. And then things get out of control.

002 The False Offer - The Black Bat team is involved in a mysterious capital crime.

The incident also becomes more complicated as Inspector McGrath stubbornly tries to reveal the identity of the Black Bat.

 Blood Money - A wealthy businessman dies in an accident and leaves behind a successful company and a mourning widow.

When the police investigate the accident, doubts begin to arise. Then there is another dead man.

Reprints and Original Publications

018 -

017 -

016 -  A bank is attacked but the thief and prey seem to have vanished. A jeweler is robbed but a far and wide search reveals no culprit. A valuable tiara disappears in a fully occupied auction house.

Captain McGrath questions his own sanity and goes against his inner conviction to ask for the help of the Black Bat.

015 - Three brutal crimes happen almost simultaneously in Chicago. Tony Quinn is convinced that there is a connection between the three events. But all this is just the prelude to an unprecedented and gruesome series of crimes that Chicago has never experienced.

014 (The Black Bat and the Red Menace) - In the harbor quarter, strikes are being struck, ships are sunk on the high seas, sailors are murdered in cold blood.

Who is behind these gruesome deeds? The Black Bat and his team investigates.

013 (The Black Bat's Justice) - McGrath is desperate. The raids on jewelers are piling up. When a valuable diamond shipment from Europe is stolen and several people mysteriously die, he asks the Black Bat for help. But can he trust him?

012 (The Black Bat's Dragon Trail)
- Several bankers involved in buying a treasure from the Chinese government are being blackmailed by a mysterious creature in a dragon mask.

011 (The Black Bat and the Trojan Horse) - The Second World War is raging in Europe. Hitler subjugated much of Europe and now threatens the United States. By chance, Tony Quinn encounters a mysterious organization that wants to bring death and destruction across the country.

010 (The Black Bat's Triumph) - 

009 (The Black Bat's Flame Trail) - Deadly fires charge the Black Bat for battle. And Tony Quinn puts fear and terror in the underworld.

008 (The Black Bat's Crusade) - Tony Quinn tries to uncover the mysteries of a devilish voodoo cult to reveal mysterious crimes by a powerful gangster gang.

007 (The Black Bat's Spy Trail) - In his relentless fight against murder and espionage, the nocturnal avenger goes to the Valley of Death and faces a hopeless struggle against brutal traitors.

006 (The Black Bat's Challenge) - Chicago is hell. Masses of beggars and cripples flood the streets of the city. Someone has organized the dregs of society. Crime spreads like a tidal wave.

005 - Do the ghosts of the murdered kill in Chicago? The headline in the afternoon edition of the Michigan News says so. The Lakefront Trail golf course becomes a playground for monsters. The Black Bat takes up the fight.

004 - A valuable lighter disappears. Not unusual, but Lieutenant McGrath is involving blind prosecutor Tony Quinn into the search. The Black Bat makes a good impression on the apparently played-out game - and falls into a bizarre web of greed, hatred and death.

The team around Tony Quinn gets caught between the fronts of a brutal mafia clan.

An original publication!

003 (The Black Bat Strikes Again) - In an illegal exhumation, three men are shot, including a young district attorney. Lieutenant McGrath suspects the Black Bat and starts a merciless hunt for the masked vigilante.

Anthony Quinn needs help, but his friend and assistant Silk is in deep water, tied with heavy iron chains, in the waters of Lake Michigan.

002 (Murder Call The Black Bat) - A strange series of large scale diamond thefts shock Chicago.

When a friend of Tony Quinn asks the former prosecutor for help and shortly afterwards apparently commits suicide, the Black Bat attacks. But the dark hunter gets involved with a relentless criminal gang. Carol Baldwin is abducted and Tony Quinn finds himself in a stone bar, from which escape seems impossible.

The Night of the Black Bat is a nostalgia crime series that earns its name. You get everything you would expect: blondes, sinister criminals, vicious gangsters and a brave, slightly broken hero. To avoid becoming predictable, there are many turns and false leads to keep you on the edge of your seat. Creative murder methods, which may appear antiquated to today's readers, make for a special reading experience.

001 (Brand Of The Black Bat) - Tony Quinn is a well-known and feared prosecutor when a brutal attack cripples him during a court ruling. He's blind. In an instant, his life has changed.

Months later, a mysterious and beautiful woman promises to cure Tony Quinn, but with a condition. Meanwhile, the underworld boss Snate, who is also responsible for Quinn's blindness, expands his reign in Chicago.

Tony Quinn, after a daring operation as the Black Bat, forms a powerful team around him and prepares to fight crime.

The cult series from the USA! Previously unpublished in Germany!

The novel not only strikes at the heart of the 'nostalgic' or Bat fans, but fans of crime fiction will also get their money's worth from this exciting novel!

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