Fledermaus 100-250

Just getting started.  These will be posted in order of release in Germany.

Heavy assist here from The Black Bat Companion. The text is Google-translated (heaven help us) and therefore may differ slightly from what is displayed in TBBC.

In cases where the story is a translated reprint of an original Black Book Detective tale, any information relative to that is copied with great gratitude from the Companion. That book in turn credits one Nico Mathies, who would no doubt laugh uproariously at some of the translations. The original title appears in parentheses.

The Black Bat did not appear until issue 100 so covers from prior to that issue will not be posted. It seems as though he ceased to appear on the cover from issue 668, so again, there's no sense in posting those if I come across them.

The Crime Genius
(The Murder Genius)
The Most Spectacular Robber In Chicago's History

The Machete of Stanley Kowal
(The Missing Million)
A Gangster Must Not Stumble

Hunt For The Black Bat
(The Black Bat Fights For Life)

The City Of Hate
(City Of Hate)
The Black Bat Prevents a Judicial Murder

Revolution Of The Beggars
(The Black Bat's Challenge)
The Black Bat Smashes The Beggar Syndicate of Chicago

The Man With Two Faces
(The Black Bat Strikes Again)
The Black Bat Unmasks The Biggest Insurance Fraud Ever

The Wreath Of Shiva
(The Black Bat's Triumph)
The Black Bat And The Humpbacked Gang

The Denounced
(The Voice Of Doom)

On The Wrong Track

The Mystic Of Chicago
(The White Witch)
The Black Bat Banishes Evil Spirits

The Wolfish Samaritan
(Death For Charity)
Not everything is pure

Deadly Legacy
(Murder Among The Dying)
Grandchildren Are Not Angels

One Shoots Faster
Race With Death

Playing With Satan
(The Faceless Satan)
Hell Opens Up - The Black Bat Goes Right Through It

Director Of The Crime
(The Man Behind Murder)
Like sharks they grind their victims - The Black Bat breaks their teeth out!

The Murder Syndicate

The Prophet Of Death
(The Murder Prophet)
He announces other disasters - but as the Black Bat approaches, the tragedy is for himself

The Finger On The Trigger
(The Black Bat's Spy Trail)
Flying Clocks and white feathers - The Black Bat 
solves the riddles of these mysterious things

The Secret Of The Stereoscope
(The Riddle Of The Dead Man's Bequest)
Quinn's Weird Heritage

Radio-Telegrams For Zurich
Crime Under The Banner Of Humanity

Role Reversal
(The Lakeside Murder)
Dark Figures Under a Bright Sky

The Perfect Crime Of Mr. X
They All Make A Mistake

Anything Goes
The Rotating Death

The Yellow Spider

The Magician With The Third Eye
Ghosts Of The Past

Captured on Waunagah Island
The Final Destination Was Hell

At Any Price
Curse Of The Past

H-Bomb in Blonde
Her Work Was Destruction

#187: No Bat

Satan's Sanitorium
Last Stop Before The Afterlife

Make Your Decision, Mr. Fairback!
There Was No Alternative

Heart and Ash
Business Card of Death

Gangsters, Ghosts and Motors
The Haunted Factory

Hunter Hunted
Blind and Bleeding

Deadly Dollars
The Brought Disaster To Everyone

The Blue Rose
Crime In The Fog

The Diamond Of Venus
His Possessions Were Fatal

Mister Scho, The Sorcerer

Possessed By The Devil
He Followed His Victims

The Strangler From Chicago
He caught himself in his own noose

The Killer With The Janus Jead
(The Long Ago Murder)
He Seemed So Good And Was A Devil

Your Coffin Is Already Prepared
Every Murder Solves No Problem

The Killer Came In A Tuxedo

Ghosts Of The Past
Their persecution was a mystery

Jerry Parker Plays Dangerously
Everything Has Its Price

Murder In The Panopticon
The Living Doppelganger

The Skeleton
...and a lump of lead.

The Living Dead
Her delusion was short

Eerie Raids
The Horror Went Around Chicago

The Trace Of The Blue Chevrolets
The Passage Of The Superfast

Party Of Disaster
The Evil Premonitions Of Mr. Correns

When The Clock Struck Twelve
...Approached The Doom

A Trace Of Arsenic
Ransom For Death

In The Tigers Fangs
Beast In The Jungle Of The Big City

#231: No Bat

Retailers In Murder
In The Claw Of Greed

Nightmare Of Horrors
In Delusion And Blindness

In The Hell Of Chinatown
White Rogue - Yellow Gangster

The Yacht Of Death
A Trail Leads To The Harbour

The Fire Devil
Hot Hatred And Cold Blood

A Killer Among Them
Knew Too Much, Lived Too Short

Buried Alive
The Edge Of Reason

The Third Offer
Searching For Stella Brown

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