Lucky Comics

In July 2016, Lucky Comics added The Black Bat to their cast when Black Bat Tales #1 was released. As with other publishers, regular covers and variants will be displayed here.

In January 2017, Lucky introduced the Black Bat as a guest-star in its flagship title, Beetle Girl. This character refers to himself only as The Bat, however.

Lucky Comics hopped on the Free Comic Book Day wagon in 2017. Their offering for that day sported the following cover by Josh Holley.

The Bat also found himself chased by Dixie Squad in the second issue of that team's book.

In October 2017, Lucky launched a prose short story series called Pulp Legends. The first issue featured The Black Bat.

The 1930s version of the character saw his origin told in the second issue of Unknown Tales in early 2018...

...And later in 2018, The Bat got his own ongoing series set in modern times. Covers for that book will be displayed below.

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