Fledermaus 401+

Just getting started.  These will be posted in order of release in Germany.

Heavy assist here from The Black Bat Companion. The text is Google-translated (heaven help us) and therefore may differ slightly from what is displayed in TBBC.

In cases where the story is a translated reprint of an original Black Book Detective tale, any information relative to that is copied with great gratitude from the Companion. That book in turn credits one Nico Mathies, who would no doubt laugh uproariously at some of the translations. The original title appears in parentheses.

The Black Bat did not appear until issue 100 so covers from prior to that issue will not be posted. It seems as though he ceased to appear on the cover from issue 668, so again, there's no sense in posting those if I come across them.

The Yellow Wolves
Night Of Long Knives

With Nylon Stockings And A Scarf
Duel In Darkness

Death Free House
Ghost Of The Past

Murder accusation from the hereafter

Devil In A Dress
The Treacherous Ring

Lucifer Plays Hide And Seek
The Missing Wife

Password: Skull
Totem Of Death

Up To His Neck
The Neck In the Noose

My Friend Sammy Won't Do It
The Corpse In The Lake

The Organ Of Death
She was playing at the gate to the beyond

Knife, Murder, Puppets
Too Clever Is Unhealthy

My Friend Sammy Did Not Do It
The Corpse In The Limo

The Professional Widow

The Jellyfish
Soft But Deadly

Reunion At The Graveyard
The Man With The Birthmark

A Dead Man Takes Revenge
Brennan Goes Through The City

The Mystery Of The Golden Buddhas
The Stolen Statuette

The Green Dodge

Death In Front Of Police Station 108
Billy Langfingers' Masterpiece

A Syringe of Phenol
The Killer Clique of Forest Park

Burial - Institute Napoli
Speculation On The Death

Gangster Out Of Service
Victim of the Tortured

The Coup Of His Life
The Corpse In The Cellar

Buried, But Not Forgotten
Sidney Stewart Goes Mobile

Shots From The Bouquet
Even Dolls Can  Kill

Whomever comes first dies quickest
Where Was Claudine O'Hara?

Track In The Alligator Swamp
Who Is Burt Regan?

The Friendly Killer
The Surefire Coup

Victim Of La Cosa Nostra
No Rescue For Pepitone

The Death Variety
Do Not Cut Out A Lady!

The Birthday Murder
1000 Dollars For The Eiffel Tower

Subject Murder And Terror
A Kill-in At The University

Murder In Hippiedrom
A Deadly Test

Johnny Kills With Dynamite

$10,000 For A Child
The Murder Crew From Bogota

Computer VI Is Planning Murder
Cheques for Mr. Donovan

Exit to Hell

Judge Todd Sets A Killer Free
The Trick With The Revolver

Hot Money For Canada
Duel at 1000 Meters

There Was Death In The Fog
Six Times The Stalker Struck

Institute Of A Thousand Deaths

Reinsured Into Hell
The Last Premium Pays For Death

Space Enough For A Coffin

Gangster Hunting In Florida
The secrets of Petschaburi House

The Killer Gang From Michigan

Chase to Canada
Deadly Blackmail

Robbery At Walton Place
A Push Makes Labriola Silent

Death - Finely Dosed
He murdered With X-Rays

7000 Volts For Jonny
The Delinquent From Cell #8

Public Enemy Number One
The house of the dead birds

Radiation In A Cocktail Glass
Manuela Served To The Afterlife

Hounded By Killers

The Psycho Goes Through The City
The Tomb Of The Dead Women

The Four Of The Crematorium
...Died A Natural Death

The Killer From The Jungle
 Scarface Makes A Mistake

Murder In Velvet
At Full Moon The Killer Struck

The Cop Killer
The Colour Of Death

The Death Cry Of The Saber Killers
His Business Was Revenge

Flight To Death

As Bait To Hell
Cruise To The Beyond

Not Beheaded
Henry Mitchell's Gruesome death

Start To Death

Murder By Telephone
Carver's Big Coup Goes Wrong

The Beast With Flowers
Snow On The Fairgrounds

Targeted For Death
Dead Witnesses Say Nothing

Bank Robbery With A Dead Man
Crime From The Hereafter

Powerful Greed Makes Murderers
One Goes Through Hell

The Executioner Clique

The Killer Girl
She Knew No mercy

Pat Plays Patience
Death Came By "Napoleon"

Death Comes in Four Weeks
Fortune-teller in the twilight

Bloody Tears
The Unlucky-Necklace

Bloody Angels
Sharon Too Had To Die

Rebellion Of The Underworld
Reporter Against Syndicate

The Vampire Of Chicago

The Angel Who Kissed The Killer
Silk Walked Into A Trap

Bosses On The Shut Down List
The Deadly Ninth

Heart Attack
Drama On Lake Street

The Moonlight Murder
The Diabolical Saints

The Man Who Wanted To Murder No More
Farewell From The Past

Countdown For Traitors
Three, Two, One...The End

Devil's Circle Of Death

The "Judge" Of Chicago
Celebrities Fear For Their Lives

Death In Black And White
Drugs - Corpses - Espionage

A Dead Man At The Control Panel
Scientists Fell For The Trap

The Alibi Was Too Perfect
The Victims Were Young Girls

Dynamite In Silk Stockings
The Boss Was a Lady

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