The Team Behind The Bat

I have, on occasion, come across conflicting information in regards to The Black Bat's supporting cast. This page will display the "facts" about the Bat's crime-fighting posse as they are laid out in the original stories by Mr. Norman Daniels.

I understand, from reading The Black Bat Companion, that Black Book Detective Black Bat stories written by writers other than Norman Daniels contain inconsistencies in the handling of the characters. Apparently, even Mr Daniels himself was not immune to the occasional error with his own creation! In the case of the former, I shall ignore them altogether.

Norton "Silk" Kirby
Moonlight brought him into relief for a moment, showing him to be about forty with a high, bald forehead, pointed, narrow nose and a small mouth. While there was nothing sinister or evil looking about him, he did exude one specific quality - that of being slippery. - Brand of the Black Bat

"I used to be a valet, sir..." - Brand of the Black Bat

"Well, sir, I have been known to put out some rather fancy kites - forged checks. I also possess the knack of imitating a person's voice."  - Brand of the Black Bat

In appearance, Silk was little like the preconceived idea of a butler in a wealthy man's home. He was too slippery-looking and his eyes were cold as ice. - Murder Calls The Black Bat

(Silk's) face rarely betrayed any expression at all. - The Black Bat's Challenge

There was an agile brain under that smooth, shining skull and suspicion constantly lurked in Silk's eyes. He had been on the run from the law too often in his day to let much escape him now. - The
Black Bat's Crusade

Quinn was well aware that Silk's inherent ability to judge a man was to be respected. Confidence men are always good judges of character and Silk had once been near the top in that smooth game. - The Black Bat And The Red Menace

Carol Baldwin
"Favor?" Quinn said. "All the favors in my power could never fill the appreciation I feel for you. And you are lovely - Your hair is so golden, your cheeks so red and your eyes so blue." - Brand of the Black Bat

No one had ever found it necessary to teach Carol resourcefulness. That had been born and bred into her. - The Black Bat's Spy Trail

Jack "Butch" O'Leary
But before that second had elapsed, one man made a wild dive out of the crowd. He was poorly dressed and his hat was knocked off as he moved. His skull was smooth-shaven and he had a stumpy, muscular neck. His features were crude and wide; his jaw undershot and aggressive. - Brand of the Black Bat

"...His name is Jack O'Leary, sir, and he is commonly known as Butch. He once had pugilistic aspirations but it seems he was framed into a fake bout and thrown out by the boxing commission. A little slow witted, perhaps, but he's as strong as a bull.
 - Silk Kirby referring to Butch in Brand of the Black Bat

"Well - maybe I ain't so bright, but if you need a door or somebody's face pushed in, I'm right there with my dukes. I was framed by a gang of hoods like these mugs...I hate 'em and I'd work for nothing if you'd give me a crack at mussin' 'em up." - Brand of the Black Bat

Butch was a huge man, built like an ox. He had practically no neck at all, a wide, unhandsome face and hands that resembled a boxer's fists-with the gloves on. - The Black Bat's Challenge

(Butch) was a huge individual with a bent nose and decidedly cauliflower ear. His hands were miniature hams, with fingers abnormally thick...Slow-witted, perhaps, but tenacious. - The Black Bat Strikes Again.

Quinn shrugged. "I don't know. They have an hour yet and they probably will appear by ten, but I spoke with some stupid, pig-headed fool called Lieutenant McGrath..." - Brand of the Black Bat

McGrath was chunky, beefy-faced, and he had been a policeman for more years than he liked to brag about. He had risen to his present position by hard, long hours of work. There wasn't a spark of mercy in his make-up. If a crime was committed, someone had to pay and McGrath didn't give a hoot if that person happened to be his brother, the mayor or even the governor of the state. Thoroughly honest, no criticism had ever come his way and his record stood positively clean. - Brand of the Black Bat

McGrath was about forty-five, beefy-faced, chunky and yet extremely fast on the move. There was a determined jutting slant to his chin and his eyes were always narrowed in suspicion when he saw Tony Quinn. - The Black Bat's Challenge

Police Commissioner Jerome Warner
Commissioner Warner, a lithe, handsome man who didn't look his fifty-odd years... - The Black Bat's Spy Trail

Warner was a white-haired, slender and dignified-looking man. His was no political job. He had risen from the ranks and his promotion to his high office had been expected and deserved. There was hardly a more astute police officer in the world. - The Black Bat's Justice

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