Fledermaus 251-400

Just getting started.  These will be posted in order of release in Germany.

Heavy assist here from The Black Bat Companion. The text is Google-translated (heaven help us) and therefore may differ slightly from what is displayed in TBBC.

In cases where the story is a translated reprint of an original Black Book Detective tale, any information relative to that is copied with great gratitude from the Companion. That book in turn credits one Nico Mathies, who would no doubt laugh uproariously at some of the translations. The original title appears in parentheses.

The Black Bat did not appear until issue 100 so covers from prior to that issue will not be posted. It seems as though he ceased to appear on the cover from issue 668, so again, there's no sense in posting those if I come across them.

Then Came The Killer
Unmasking Just Before Twelve

The Madman And The Beast
It Began In Indianapolis

A Man Plays False
...And He Loses

Murder In Daylight
It Started On A Park Bench

Deadly Toast
The End Of Robin Estel

The Alley Of Death

The Man At Twilight
Deadly Tip

Alliance With The Devil
Fireworks in McCook

Password Evergreen
The Mysterious Mr. Jim

Gentleman With Minor Faults
His Hobby Were Widows

With Fire And Malice
The Man With The Alibi

Kidnapped By The Devil
No Chance For Cameron

The Trail Leads To The Harbor
Dollars, Thieves, Fine Ladies

Deadly Rendezvous
So Young, So Beautiful, So Dead

Murder In The Tattersall
The Black Satan

The Bloody Mirror
Track To Nowhere

113 Irving Park Road
The Death Apartment

Executioner's Harvest
The Sand Runs Through The Hourglass

The Dead Of Wolf Lake
No One Knew Kelvin

Night Ride Of Horror

A Handful Of Ashes
The Nameless Dead

Vacation From Hell

Where To Hide The Corpse?
Dead Aunts Are Annoying

Gordon Gales' Crazy Week
Conspiracy Of The Disappointed

Attack At Dawn
The Confession of Mrs. Midland

The Death Candidate

The Golden Hand
Death Came Through The Back Door

Quiet As A Wolf

Tomorrow You Will Not Live
The Man Whom No One Saw

No Mercy For The Killer
Look At Yourself, Willie!

The Blood Suckers Of Morton Grove
Fight The Rivals

#328 No Bat

The Sold Murder
Business Among Killers

The Killer Of Lombard
With Ball And Blade

The Strangler of Wilmette
Only When He Saw blondes
Note: Issues 339, 341, 342, 345 and 347 do not include The Black Bat on their respective covers. 

With A Bullet
The Dead Do Not Pay

Business With The Devil
The Dead Of Slocum Lake

Note: Issues 352, 353 and 354 do not include The Black Bat on their respective covers. 

The Murder Triangle

The Redhead
Drama On Highway 90

Lucifer's Butler
His Path Was Bloody

Morphine Makes You A Puppet
Kidnapper, Killer, Scoundrel

Murder On Demand
Six Week Reprieve

The Invisible Executioner
11:30PM Struck

Manager Of Death
The Guilt Of Mrs. Young

Go To Hell!
One Named Harleyford

The Silver Devil
The Third Party Must Die

Finale in Club 77
A Murder Plan Will Boomerang

A Dead Man Marries
The Woman Who Was Not A Widow

Cold As Ice
Everything, Everything - But No Blood!

Murder In The House Next Door
The Dead of Bedford Park

A Dead Man Drives A Car
The Blue Mercury

Killer With Free Meals
The Corrupt Executioner

The Conspirators

Kirk Sexton's Demon

Dying Well
Deadly Donations

A Ghost Comes Around
Everybody Hates Joseph Culmel

Murder In Taxi 111
His Best Friend

With Curves And Claws
Fraud Can Be Fatal

Who Wants To Die Already? 
Whom the gangsters hate

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