Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The Black Bat On Film.

I came across the following comment on Twitter a few weeks ago.

I was a little thrown at first. While the image used was clearly not specific to the film, the reference to a 30s comic book made me believe that Mr. Eastwood and I weren't thinking about the same Black Bat. But I asked and, evidently, we were.

So if it does come to pass it's still far on the horizon but it may be worth keeping an eye on Orlando Eastwood Films regardless.

Now this wouldn't be the first time that The Black Bat has found his way onto screens. Are you familiar with Rise Of The Black Bat?

If you are, then you have my sympathies. This film made me wish I was blind.

And I wanted to like it, obviously. It's my favourite pulp character in a film shot in my home town. I'd met the guy playing the Black Bat; he worked (perhaps still does) at a comics store on Bank Street in Ottawa. Good lad.

But sadly not a good movie, even taking into account budget restraints. I admit that I didn't finish it and for that reason won't pile on with yet another nasty review. You can Google search those quite easily.  I will just say that while some movies are so bad that they are entertaining, I don't believe this one fits that description.

So the bar is set quite low for Eastwood. I wish them all the best, I would love to have a quality film to add to my Black Bat collection.

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