Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The Bat Guest Stars in Dixie Squad #2

The (Black) Bat is all over the Lucky Comics line. Black Bat Tales, which features stories taking place in the 30s, recently saw the release of its second issue and a modern take on the character has appeared in a couple of issues of Beetle Girl (see, Dynamite? It CAN be done!). He was also given a spotlight during Free Comic Book Day.

And now, that modern version makes a surprise (well, to me, anyway) appearance in Lucky's Dixie Squad title.

Lucky Comics unique super hero team title featuring dynamic Southern Heroes destined to save America from ALL threats! 
In this issue:  
Dixie Squad is finally given a new commander named Colonel Hobbs! 
The Squad's next mission: Capture the BAT! 
Johnny Rebel, Mountain Man, Superfortress, Virginia Dare, Whistlin' Dixie 
With a fantastic cover by Oscar Suyama, Cássia Alves & Daniel Vardi
The treatment of the character is consistent with his appearances in Beetle Girl. His harsher methods create a perception that he's a menace that needs to be controlled and so the DS sets out to do that very thing.

That being said, a recent issue of the Beetle Girl book saw her chased by Dixie Squad as well. Could the Beetle and Bat end up on the same side? Let's wait and see.

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